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synth is a Unix-y command line tool wrapped around the core synthetic data engine.


Command: import#

Usage: synth import [OPTIONS] <namespace>

Synth can create schema files from different data sources using the synth import command. Accidentally running synth import on an existing directory is safe - the operation will fail.

If a subdirectory for a given namespace does not exist, Synth will create it.


  • <namespace> - The path to the namespace directory into which to save schema files. The directory will be created by synth.


  • --from <from> - The location from which to import. Synth supports multiple import strategies.

    Importing from a file: Currently we support importing from JSON files by specifying the path to the file: /some/path/to/file.json.

    Importing from standard input: Not specifying from will accept JSON files from stdin.

    Importing from a database (e.g. postgres): synth import tpch --from postgres://user:pass@localhost:5432/tpch

Command: generate#

Usage: synth generate [OPTIONS] <namespace>

The synth generate command will generate data from a collection of schema files.

If there is a misconfiguration in your schema (for example referring to a field that does not exist), synth generate will exit with a non-zero exit code and output an error message to help you understand which part of the schema is misconfigured.


  • <namespace> - The path to the namespace directory from which to load schema files.


  • --collection <collection> - Specify a specific collection in a namespace if you don't want to generate data from all collections.
  • --size <size> - The number of elements which should be generated per collection. This number is not guaranteed, it serves as a lower bound.
  • --to <uri> - The generation destination. If unspecified, generation defaults to stdout.
  • --seed <seed> - An unsigned 64 bit integer seed to be used as a seed for generation. Defaults to 0 if unspecified.
  • --random - A flag which toggles generation with a random seed. This cannot be used with --seed.