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Hello world

After installing synth, the next step is to create a namespace.

Namespaces are directories in your filesystem that synth uses to read your schemas from. Currently synth reads schemas written in a specialized JSON data model. You can find out everything there is to know about synth schemas in the Generators section or in the Schema section. In this section we will show you how to set up a simple "hello world" data generator.

To create a namespace, just create a new directory:

mkdir hello_synth

Finally, we need to add a collection to our namespace. Collections describe the "shape" of the data we want to generate. They are individual JSON files within a namespace directory written according to the synth schema.

To create a collection called "say_hello" in our namespace, simply copy/paste the content of the following example in a file at hello_synth/say_hello.json:

{    "type": "array",    "length": {        "type": "number",        "subtype": "u64",        "constant": 1    },   "content": {        "type": "string",        "pattern": "Hello world!"    }}

The previous example snippet is an example of a synth schema. All such examples in these pages are tagged with a "Run" button that lets you preview how synth would output the corresponding data.

Finally, run

synth generate hello_synth

and you should see an output very close to the output of the snippet.

Where to go from here#