Create synthetic data environments in seconds

Synth is the quickest way to create accurate synthetic clones of your entire data infrastructure.


Never build a development database again

Synth creates end-to-end synthetic data environments that look and behave exactly like your production data. Down to your data's content and database version.


Stop worrying about compliance

With Synth you can do customer demos, develop new features or run integration tests, all on data that is realistic and meaningful but that has none of the privacy or compliance risks of the original.


Showcase your product the right way

With Synth you can quickly build an accurate replica of your customer's data so you can finally showcase exactly how good your product really is.


From prod to dev, in one command

Synth is built by developers, for developers with tight deadlines.

Powered By AI

Synth uses the state of the art in entity recognition and synthetic data modeling. It recognizes semantics, relations and hierarchies so that your synthetic data always fits the original.

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Safe By Design

Synth enforces data privacy right from the point when it learns how best to replicate your data. This means you can easily give access to your synthetic data to anyone, at no risk to you or your users.

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Developers First

Synth ships a collection of APIs built on top of open source software. It integrates anywhere and is built to be modular, reproducible and extendable. And it manages infrastructure for you.

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Get started now!

Synth is free and completely open source! It is built and maintained by an amazing community of users. Why not join us?