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Synth's one_of generator is a compound operator, i.e. a way to compose other generator types together. It lets you define a new generator that samples randomly from a specified list of dependent generators (called variants). In that way, one_of is similar to categorical strings. However, the variants of a one_of generator are allowed to be generated from any other Synth generator.

Variants of a one_of generator are specified with the "variants" field. Allowed value is an array of Synth generators.

{  "type": "one_of",  "variants": [ {    "weight": 0.5,    "type": "string",    "pattern": "M|F"  }, {    "weight": 0.5,    "type": "null"  } ]}

one_of has a concept of a weight for each variant - where weight represents the individual entry's contribution to the probability distribution. The weight can be specified by adding the "weight" field to the corresponding variant's definition.


{  "type": "one_of",  "variants": [ {    "weight": 9.5,    "type": "string",    "faker": {      "generator": "address"    }  }, {    "weight" : 0.5,    "type": "object",      "postcode": {        "type": "string",        "faker": {          "generator": "post_code"        }      },      "number": {        "type": "number",        "subtype": "u64",        "range": {          "low": 1,          "high": 200,          "step": 2        }      }  } ]}