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Synth's datasource generator is used to pull data from an external source. The data can be simple values like a string, number, or booleans as well as complex values like an array or object.

The path option is a URI like the --from option for the import command. Currently only JSON files are supported, and hence only the json: scheme is valid. For any file, the path is relative to where synth generate is run from.

The cycle is optional and defaults to false. It allows you to read a datasource from the beginning once it has been exhausted when set to true.


When pulling from a JSON file, the JSON is expected to be an array with every item being the value for a single Synth generator. The following is a valid JSON datasource:

[  "21 Mary Street",  "5 Diascia Avenue",  "1062 Hill Crescent"]

When generating more than 3 items cycle will need to be true for this datasource.


{  "type": "datasource",  "path": "json:addresses.json",  "cycle": true}